About HyperTrybe

What is HyperTrybe?

HyperTrybe is a community that brings you closer to the people and things you love. At HyperTrybe, we offer a wide variety of tools to make your social media experience the best one.

Why does HyperTrybe Stand Out?

HyperTrybe stands out because we value the time that our users spend online on our network. We also value their activities on our network as we reward each user with several points for each activity they perform on HyperTrybe. The activities range from Like, Comments, Wonder, Share to even creating posts. Several points are allocated for each activity as shown below:
  • Comment on any post gives 5 Points
  • Wondering any post gives 3 Points
  • Creating a new post gives 10 Points
  • Creating a new blog post gives 10 Points
  • These points accumulate based on your level of activities on HyperTrybe and can be converted to withdrawable cash as the point increases.

    More Features on HyperTrybe

    Apart from the basic Community features of like, comment, wonder and share post;
  • HyperTrybe also offer Marketplace feature where you can post your products for sale to everyone on HyperTrybe
  • Create articles and let your writing skills be discovered by a lot of people on HyperTrybe worldwide
  • Create Pages for your business and showcase what you do to a large community of people on HyperTrybe worldwide
  • Our funding features help our users get donations for very genuine campaigns and this makes our community users support each other by supporting each other in time of need
  • Warmest Regards

    Founder, HyperTrybe Inc.