Create Your Blogs That Everyone Will Love In 5 Easy Steps

You have the talent and vibes for writing and you wanna show it to the world then HyperTrybe is the right place to be, because we've got you covered.
I will be showing you how you can create blog posts and show your writing skills in 5 easy steps

  1. Firstly, login to HyperTrybe .
  2. Click on the Triple line Menu Button as illustrated in the picture below



3.  The Menu will open, then click on "My Articles" on the Menu as illustrated in the picture below


My Articles


4. The Blog Page will be opened, Now click on "Create New Article" as illustrated below


5. A New/Blank Page where you can write will be displayed for you to write your article. Once done with the article, click on "Publish" as illustrated below and your Blog article will be live on HyperTrybe. 



3 Blog posts